Why Joli Marche

When vacationing on the Brittany coast there is a lot to do but nothing that needs to be done.  There is a beach to be regarded.  There is the mussel truck to watch for.  There are sudden rainstorms to run from.  And there are the beautiful markets.

On our vactions our days follow a languid and predictable pattern.  The first one awake goes to the bakery to get fresh baguettes.  The kids wake up to steal some illusive ipad time.  We don't rush eating and take turns with the toaster and coffee maker, making the best breakfast ever... buttered toast dunked in coffee.  Fully satisfying, but not so filling as to interfere with having a mid-market crepe.  Because that is what inevitably comes after the lounging and coffee and mussel truck sighting.  

Within a half-hour drive of where ever we stay on any day of the week we can find at least two markets.  We go almost every day.  Most days we buy fresh produce, fresh meat, more cheese, more bread, more wine, the best butter.  Other days, we stock up on baskets, earrings, souvenirs and tablecloths to fit into our overstuffed suitcases.  Once back in the land of reality, they are daily reminders of our lovely times in Brittany.   

So, over the years, we began to think, "Other people probably would love these too!" and "How can we justify our annual trip to France?"   Those answers we found in the beautiful markets, the jolis marchés, that we love so much.  After several years of stalking some of the vendors who came to know us as "the Americans that come back every summer (and ask a lot of questions!)" we finally found our source for the amazing fabric for our tablecloths. 

Our tablecloths, though just a small piece of what make our market outings and vacations so great,  are a daily reminder of our times in Brittany.  Not only are they beautiful, but their teflon coating ensures that less time is spent fixing the table than enjoying the food on it and the people around it.

Joli Marché is our way of extending our vacations piece by piece, day after day, in the interminable months between trips.  It is our way sharing some of what we love from France.