About Us

We are two friends (Megan and Virginie) who, in addition to working together for more years than is polite to mention, have found ourselves vacationing together in Brittany, France for many years.  Virginie has more of an excuse… she is French and grew up vacationing in a small Brittany town (where we would stay until we found the slightly less small town 15 minutes away).  Megan, while loving many things French, has less of an excuse and, having invited herself the first year, has become the defacto travel agent for all of the next years of vacations!

We used to have the same day job (training horses and teaching English riding lessons). Virginie still does this.  Megan pretends (but fails to be convincing) that she doesn’t work at the barn anymore by having a “real job” in the wine industry, which, lo-and-behold, encourages trips to France…”for work”…

We each have a son and they are 6 months apart but in the same grade in the same public school, where everything is taught in French (they we doomed from the start!).

Megan LOVES entertaining and has more plates, silverware, platters, tablecloths and napkins than anyone rightfully needs.  Virginie is not so hot on this, but washes dishes pretty darn well and plays along because… well, that is what friends do when they have little choice in the matter! 

Virginie speaks fluent French.  Megan’s French is a bit rusty.  Throughout the years, this has not deterred Megan from making Virginie talk to all of the stall vendors at all of the jolis marchés in all of the small towns to find out where they got their coated material.  Because what we both knew for sure is that we couldn’t be the only ones tired of washing tablecloths… and something HAD to pay for our next trip to France!