How do you clean the tablecloths?

For most situations, a damp sponge will do the trick!   They can also go into the washing machine (warm water, regular detergent) if you want.  But, who wants to do more laundry when it is so easy to just wipe it down?!   You can put them in the dryer on low, or air dry.  Iron on the underside to re-activate the teflon and prolong the life of the stain resistance!   

Are they really stain resistant?

Stain resistant, yes!  Stain proof, no...   Oil based foods, especially when vibrant in color, can leave a stain if left on the tablecloth too long.   This is when spot cleaning with some soap or laundering comes in handy.    The biggest culprits we have found so far are Sriracha, tumeric and Easter egg dye!    

Do they feel all plastic-y?

When you first open the package, they will feel (and sound) a bit different than uncoated cotton and linen.  The more you use them, the more they break in and soften.    However, they are MUCH different than oil cloth coverings and have the natural hang that you would expect from cotton and linen (the linen will even keep the wrinkles that never seem to iron out... at least in my house!).

Will they shrink or change color?

The Lin Natural will shrink a little when washed/ dried.   If Cannelle is left out in the sun, the white will fade a bit.   This doesn't mean you can't use it outside, but it shouldn't be a permanent outdoor table covering.